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Ruttl is the fastest and simplest website feedback tool to leave comments on live websites and make real time edits so that you can share precise design change values with developers!

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illustration of leaving comment on live website

Comment on live websites

Leave comments on web pages directly to give detailed inputs. Give clear direction to everyone on your team by pinning comments on live pixels and giving precise values.

Comment on Live Website
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Assign comments

Always keep accountability in the loop by tagging your team members and keeping track of everything in the Activities panel.

Tag Your Team Members

Edit on live websites

Need to make a change fast on your client’s website? You can edit quickly on live websites by changing even the tiniest details like font size, alignment, spacing, without having to go into too many coding changes.

Edit Website Content
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Video commenting

Allow your team and clients to record detailed video comments instead of having to resort to lesser effective modes of communication such as calls and emails.

Try Video Commenting
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Go back to previous website versions

Think your previous website version was better? Or do you need to adapt some functionalities? Ruttl lets you keep a track of all your website versions and quickly navigate to them when needed.

Add Website Versions

Integrations with your work tools

Ruttl integrates with Asana, Trello, and Slack so that you can send out important updates to your client and team with just one single click.

Check Out The Integrations

Multiple File Types

Collecting feedback on Websites? Software's? Illustrations? Images? PDF's? ruttl supports all these project types!

Pixel Perfection

Explain everything visually - Share the pixel perfect values to the developers and bring your design to life together

Web Apps Support

Got an application with login screens? With ruttl, you can review and make changes on web applications, without losing your mind in the process - Faster feedback rounds! :)

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Share with anyone

No logins needed! That’s right. And it’s free to share, invite team members to review and collaborate on the go!

Integrations you need

Connect ruttl with your favourite tools that you use daily and keep things on track


Get Slack updates on all project activities like comments, edits, replies, etc.


Send comments from ruttl to your preferred Trello board and track them as Trello cards.


Get your comments along with browser & device info added to your preferred asana project.

ClickupComing Soon

Plan, track and manage all of ruttl's comments with ClickUp.


Choose from 3000+ apps to integrate with ruttl using Zapier.

MondayComing Soon

Track comments from ruttl as tasks inside Monday, and simplify project management.

People are talking about ruttl

Brand Designer

Creative Director

ruttl has helped us save hours, it has phenomenally reduced our review time to a half! Some of the other solutions were just too much. What I love about ruttl is it’s dedicated to doing one thing very well - that is organizing feedback.

John Bendever Jr.

Creative Director, Local Marketing Pros



ruttl is an essential tool for modern agencies. Now, my client doesn't have to juggle several screenshots or emails. With ruttl, my clients can get a better idea of the rendering even before the work is done.

Ludovic Clain

Founder, PrakSite

Content Writer

Web Developer

ruttl saves so much time! Instead of alternating on client calls, you get email updates, & my clients don't need to login - the list just goes on. Life-changing tool with a fantastic road map for the future, so don't miss out. It will pay for itself even with one client!

Felix Thompson

Web Developer, Talentiz

7000+ teams and freelancers use ruttl daily as their website feedback toolpeople img


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