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ruttl is the #1 website feedback tool that simplifies live website review and visual feedback for web projects.

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Comment on Live Websites

Easily share feedback with your team by leaving comments on a live website. Get the changes done in no time by providing specific inputs.

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Make real time edits

Get precise edits done for font, spacing, alignment and various elements even on a live website by sharing exact changes with the developer.

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Share with the team

Make your collaborations seamless by inviting your team, notify them in real-time by instantly tagging them.

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People are talking about ruttl

Brand Designer

VP- Strategy and Business

Reviewing & monitoring websites has always been a pain area. Discussions & feedbacks were spread across various apps. ruttl has fast-tracked our work significantly.

Abhishek Sharma

VP, Business and Strategy, Quantum Phinance


All things UX

Does all the things expected: Saves time, intuitive throughout, keeps evolving. ruttl replaces the use of multiple legacy tools, gets everyone on the same page.

Nitin Kathayat

All things UX, Razorpod

Content Writer

UI/UX Designer

ruttl, helped me cut down meetings with front-end devs to explain them all the issues on the website and made it simple to track changes as well as keep track of them. 10/10 would recommend.

Amit Arora

UI/UX Designer, MikeLegal

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