Team plans

Create a team, add your teammates as managers or members and give them all the accessibility rights related to your team plan. Your project collaborators will then have the added access to make changes inside your project like add/remove webpages or images.

There are two roles that can be added inside your team on ruttl:

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One who can access all the features apart from adding and removing other members. These members also cannot delete other’s projects.

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Managers have full control, they can even delete other managers, but once the last manager deletes the account, they will have an option to transfer the ownership of this team plan.

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Share unlimited access of your team plan with your team members

Onboard your team on ruttl with our team plan and give them uninterrupted access to its features.

Leave the team when no longer required

Got done with the tasks, a particular project for the client? Streamline your work by leaving the team when not required. Do it all within a few clicks on ruttl.

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20,000+ companies are using ruttl to save time and money on their projectsstock images of people in a row

ruttl solves a lot of usecases

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UI/UX Designer — Get your designs coded pixel perfectly

As a designer, it’s really important that your design and code match perfectly. ruttl allows you to edit the staging link so you can share the exact values with the developers to create pixel perfect designs.

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Developers — Reduce coordination time by collecting exact CSS values

As a developer, you get exact values of the changes needed to be done on the webpage. These changes can be found under the Activity Tab. You can just copy and paste the same on your main source

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Clients — Give timely feedback, review changes, and see your ideas come to life

Clients are included in every step of the project with ruttl. Through ruttl’s Preview mode, clients can make sure the designs align with their vision and switch to Comment mode to offer clear & contextual feedback for any changes they’d like.

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Project managers — Manage multiple web design projects easily with a bird’s eye view of every single activity

With ruttl, project managers can clearly see the progress on a project. All comments and suggestions are in a single spot to guide changes, resolve pain points, and ensure that the project is moving forward at the right pace.

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Content Writers  — Visualize how the content looks on the website

As a content writer, you no longer have to use word documents in order to send website copy. Write the content directly on the live website and visualize how it looks with the design. Word limits are a problem no longer!

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Agencies — Work efficiently on multiple project and never miss a deadline

Agencies can work on multiple web projects seamlessly and invite clients to review and provide feedback. This saves a lot of time and money by reducing the coordination hours between developers and designers.

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