Customer Success Story #4

How This Agency Used Ruttl To Speed Up Its Feedback Process By 50%

Find out how this digital marketing agency made use of Ruttl for their feedback process and collaboration with clients.

John Bendever is the founder of Local Marketing Pros, a digital marketing agency that works mostly with local businesses in the U.S. In the field since 2011, their team fluctuates from 4-9 people and their primary product revolves around web designing.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • What made them shift to Ruttl?

  • How did they speed up their feedback process?

  • How did edit mode help them?

  • A sneak peek into the future of Ruttl

What made them shift to Ruttl?

Back when John started working with clients, he observed a lot of emails piling up with attachments. The email communication started getting clunky. In 2017, when he started working with a team, they tried out many tools. But they found some or the other thing missing in each one. 

Here are some key areas that made them switch to Ruttl:

  • The ability to pull in all the pages in a project by itself instead of having to add each page’s link manually

  • White labeling to have a more professional approach towards their clients

  • Integrations with third-party tools

  • Being able to assign team members and have collaborators

One more added benefit, in John’s words, was:

“Some of the other solutions were just too much. What I love about Ruttl is it’s dedicated to doing one thing very well that is organizing feedback.”

How did they speed up their feedback process?

When John’s company started using Ruttl, they curtailed inefficiencies like:

  • Earlier, the client’s feedback used to be scattered across many channels like social media, email, texts, and it was difficult to make sense of it. With Ruttl, it all stopped. They just invited their client on Ruttl and they would leave their feedback on the platform itself.

  • Even some of their team members and clients who were not so tech-savvy found it easy to use Ruttl to get their messages to the team.

  • As Ruttl’s integrations grow, the team now makes use of automation to see the tasks. One of the team members picks a task and starts working on them. 

“Maybe we have a simple need but Ruttl has saved us hours and hours and hours…it has been phenomenal”

How did edit mode help them?

The edit mode helps John’s team internally, and they don’t prefer to share the editing capabilities of Ruttl with the client. Whenever he needs to show his team a little change on the website design, instead of delving into the development side of it, he records his screen or makes a comment and the team can easily see the changes.

“As opposed to just trying to describe it in words, I can show them in pictures and that’s amazing.”

A sneak peek into the future of Ruttl - What can they expect from Ruttl moving ahead?

Ruttl’s team is working constantly to make the tool a one-stop solution for design feedback. To make that come true, here is a sneak peek into our future updates:

  • Illustration mode made even more effective: Collaborate in real-time with your team members when in illustration mode.

  • Seamless internal collaboration: Say Hi to the team members that are live, talk to them, leave internal messages to your team members, and so much more.

  • Video reviewing: Want to upload a video to your website? At every second of the video, you can leave a comment making the video feedback process easier and less confusing.

  • Static image review made better: Functionality of adding multiple images in a single artboard for review.

  • Support of web applications: Not just websites, you would be able to review logged-in platforms like LinkedIn or an internal dashboard.

John’s digital marketing agency finds Ruttl to be their go-to tool to make team and client collaboration easy. It helps everyone stay in the loop and reduce errors and confusions thus achieving the wonderful feat of speeding up the entire feedback process by over 50%.

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