Customer Success Story #3

How Dan Used ruttl To Reduce Miscommunication With Clients?

Cerana technologies used ruttl to help reduce miscommunication between them and the clients. Read on to find out how.

Dan Peres, the founder of Cerana Technologies, provides many services to their clients ranging from all-inclusive IT service infrastructure, web development, to building servers and implementing security. 

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How was their work process before Ruttl?

  • How did they come across Ruttl?

  • How did Ruttl impact their business?

  • Which are their most-loved features in Ruttl?

  • How are they making use of the edit mode?

How was their work process before Ruttl?

Earlier, Dan’s team used to handle their feedback process by having in-person communication. They would go to each other’s desks with a pen and paper and talk it out. Slowly then they shifted to email. They faced two challenges with email communication:

  • They had to ensure their clients knew how to click screenshots because otherwise, it became very difficult to see the kind of changes the client required.

  • There was constant back-and-forth communication that resulted in miscommunications, errors, and a lot of time being wasted.

“For every modification, there were at least two or three messages to fully understand what the customer’s needs were.”

Because of the inefficiencies in email feedback, they tried other platforms too. But it was Ruttl that seemed to be that simple solution for them. 

“It really helped break down what a customer needs; where they don’t need to understand how to take a screenshot, they just need to know how to make a comment and click on a button. That’s all.”

How did they come across Ruttl?

Dan’s agency came across Ruttl during our AppSumo launch and since then, they have been using it for 6 months. They found out that the tool helped them remove that barrier of frustration that often exists between a client and an agency. Here’s how:

  • The client no longer needed to visualize their end-product. They could see and understand the different elements that would be going in their website.

  • Ruttl provided that visual medium where the agency could understand what the client needs and it helped remove the back-and-forth Word docs and put all those requirements on a visual platform.

How did Ruttl impact their business?

The team at Cerana Technologies found Ruttl’s simplicity to have a great impact on their business. In Dan’s words:

“Ruttl being a simple tool, it’s significant because the clients themselves are simple. They’re not developers, they’re not technicians, they’re not all computer savvy so having simplicity is the most valuable component.”

He even goes on to appreciate the link-sharing feature and how easy and time-saving it has become for the team and clients to leave comments on live websites. 

“It is a very small tool but it has such a significant presence in our business at this point. It’s played a big role.”

Which are their most-loved features in Ruttl?

Their favorite features in Ruttl are:

  • Tagging users: They really like the comment mode and the tagging feature in it as it becomes easy to keep a track of who said what and assign tasks to team members.

  • Mobile view: A lot of their clients didn’t know about the different components of a working site - the mobile, tablet, and desktop view. Seeing all three of these in Ruttl helps them understand what to expect from these different platforms.

  • Video comments: Dan shares an excellent analogy to explain how video comments have been helpful to them, “An interior designer doesn’t tell the customer to move the furniture. It’s up to us to handle the design component of the website. We just want them to hear what they have to say so the video recording is an excellent feature because then we get to hear what they have to say.”

How are they making use of the edit mode?

While the team at Cerana Technologies don’t make use of the edit mode at a large scale, our founder shared the upcoming plan of the changes being made within edit mode. He talked about how agencies could make changes directly on the live website without having to involve designers or developers.

Dan loved this idea and goes on to say, “It’s a huge addition to the time saving that is going on. You’re saving me more time. We won’t have to do two times the amount of work by styling it and just being able to upload. It’s fantastic.”

Dan’s team found Ruttl to not only save their time but help reduce that frustration between the agency and client and bring them on the same team.

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