Customer Success Story #2

How ruttl’s Ease-Of-Use Became The Most Loved Thing For This Design Agency?

Read on about how Agency5 discovered Ruttl and had some valuable suggestions in store for us.

Samuel Lui, the Creative Director of Agency5, has been involved in the web design business since quite a few years now. They have also diversified to offering SEO services recently as their clients demanded those as well. 

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How did they discover Ruttl?

  • What was their feedback process like before Ruttl?

  • Why would they wish to continue with Ruttl?

  • What feature delivers the most value to them?

  • Improvisations they had in mind for Ruttl

How did they discover Ruttl?

Samuel came across Ruttl through a Facebook group. He had earlier tried many other tools for website feedback but found them to be less than ideal. When he started using Ruttl, he found the tool to be quite quick. Their overall experience being good, they shifted to Ruttl. 

“Overall experience is good, my clients like it as well."

What was their feedback process like before Ruttl?

The agency mostly carried out its feedback process through email. But they quickly realized that email was an inefficient solution. So they started working with different feedback tools. Ruttl was their third or fourth feedback tool.

Why would they wish to continue with Ruttl?

Here are a few things that make Samuel’s agency want to continue with Ruttl:

  • Ruttl’s interface is quite easy.

  • They like the white labeling functionality. It gives their agency a more professional look with their clients.

  • Their clients seem to enjoy using Ruttl and they have no issue working on the tool.

  • With the static image review, they do not have to give access to edit a live website to any clients/specific users.

Which feature delivers the most value to them?

They like that the tool is easy-to-use and even non-technical people can have an easy time exploring and working with different features of the tool.

“There’s almost no learning curve. That to me, is important, especially for the clients. If there’s no learning curve, it’s just better for me.”

Improvisations they had in mind for Ruttl

As Samuel had already worked with a few other tools in the past, he had some valuable suggestions for us, some of which are now live as well:

  • He needed a better-modified bottom bar in Ruttl where he could hide some functionalities when sharing it with the client. We have recently launched link-sharing settings where you can do all this.

  • While working on a recent project, Samuel had trouble showing the client which website pages were approved and which were yet to be approved. He had to scroll through the entire thing. To make things easy and organized, we have now launched an update where you can easily see just your unapproved pages.

  • Instead of having an aesthetic grid view, Samuel’s agency preferred a list view where they could easily see which pages needed to be worked on right away. We found this suggestion quite valuable and thus list view is now online on Ruttl.

Samuel had some valuable feedback for us, some of which is now incorporated in Ruttl and some of it is added to our soon-to-be updates list. They loved Ruttl’s ease-of-use the best which makes Ruttl one of the handiest tools for design agencies and their clients as well.

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