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Thanks for showing interest in writing for ruttl’s blog!

At ruttl, our team is super friendly when it comes to working with freelance writers.

Here are few reasons why:

  1. We’ve already got a list of topics ready! No pitches needed. Just select a topic and write away.
  2. Our word count limit is flexible! Your blogs can be anywhere between 1000-3000 words.
  3. We offer author credits! We understand that it’s important to acknowledge and credit your hard work.
  4. We pay for your hard work! Our standard payout rate is at ₹1 per word, but we are currently working with Indian freelance writers only.

Who gets accepted into the program?

We are looking for freelance writers who can become valuable content contributors to our blog. You must have a good amount of subject matter expertise in fields such as Web Design, UI/UX, and Web Development.

What are the topics covered on our blog?

We regularly publish blogs on several topics, such as UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development, Project Management, Business Tips and Useful Design Tools!

How do we pay our writers?

We pay via Google Pay, UPI or Bank accounts.

Blog Guidelines

  • Use Google Docs only while sharing your written content with us.
  • Stick to H2 and H3 headers across your content
  • Attribute any images that you use, make sure you have the rights to include them, and share them with us in a zip folder.
  • Please study and go through the previous blog posts to understand our brand voice and tonality. We expect the guest posts to be aligned with the same.
  • Follow the general writing practices such as zero plagiarism, concise sentences, smaller paragraphs.
  • Use at max 7 outbound hyperlinks in any blog post.

Next steps

Feeling that you are a good fit and would love to become a contributor? To get started, simply send us an email on marketing@ruttl.com with the subject “Your Name - ruttl Guest Blog Collaboration”. Inside your mail, include the following -

  1. Your name
  2. Three samples of previous writing work (Self-Published articles will work as well)
  3. Your bio in 3 sentences
  4. Your website or social media handles (if any)

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