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We believe in the power of collaboration and welcoming people from all backgrounds, whether you're a writer, expert, or just passionate about our topics. Let's team up to inspire, educate, and entertain our audience with your unique perspective.

Blog Content:

  • Our blog covers various topics: UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development, Project Management, Business Insights, and Useful Tools for Design and Development.
  • Keep the word count between 1000-1500 words for your guest post.
  • If you use statistics, provide a link to the original data source.

Content Sharing:

  • Use Google Docs exclusively when sharing your written content with us.
  • Maintain a consistent structure by using H2 and H3 headers throughout your post.
  • Include appropriate image attribution, specifying the image source and its licensing (Creative Commons or from a stock photo website). The final decision to include them will rest with us.

Alignment with Brand Voice:

  • Familiarize yourself with our brand's voice and tone by reviewing our past blog posts.
  • Ensure your guest post's style aligns with our established brand identity.

Writing Practices:

  • Follow writing best practices: no plagiarism, use concise sentences, and create smaller paragraphs for better readability.

Author Bio and Link:

  • You can include one outbound hyperlink in your author bio.
  • This link can direct readers to your website or a preferred social media page.
  • Make the most of this opportunity to connect with our audience.

By structuring your content in line with these guidelines, you'll contribute to our blog's consistency and maintain the quality our readers expect.

Next steps

Do you feel that you are a good fit and would love to become a contributor? To get started, simply send us an email at marketing@ruttl.com with the subject “Your Name - ruttl Guest Blog Collaboration”. Inside your mail, include the following -

  1. Your name
  2. Three samples of previous writing work (Self-Published articles will work as well)
  3. Your bio in 3 sentences
  4. Your website or social media handles (if any)

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