Give A Boost To Your Design Productivity With Version Control

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on April 25th, 2022

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Version control is one of the most important practices which are followed by the software engineering industry. Popularly known as VCS, version control enables collaboration when everyone is working independently. Furthermore, it helps cross-functional teams to work and maintain a main source of truth.

Think about Google Docs and the first thing that may pop in your mind is their incredibly used version history feature. Although version control is used to maintain a history of every release and update of software, documentation, complex projects or data sets, designers can also benefit from it.

How Version Control Can Help Designers?

Offline and traditional tools make it difficult for designers to collaborate and maintain a central version control like engineers. Having faced this issue first hand, we created ruttl which helps us to work seamlessly even when our design team is remotely distributed.

Using cloud based tools like ruttl, designers can easily work together on different projects and keep a tab on changes. This reduces rework, confusion and improves their productivity.

Essentially, version control helps designers to delete, retrieve and iterate their designers without disturbing anyone else’s work. They can work on the same file and get work done.

Version control is also useful when you are onboarding new designers to your team or handing off projects. New hires of your team could check the version control of your designs and know everything that was done on the project.

Looking for a tool to do version control on your web design projects? Check out ruttl and never worry about collaborations or maintaining a source of truth for design changes.

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