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Tips For Aspiring Web Designers

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on February 25th, 2022

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The world of designing is a lot more than just knowing the design elements and how to use them. You need to have good client communication, learn beyond designing to inculcate that in your client’s sites, and so much more. Here are 5 tips for aspiring web designers to rock the world of designing.

1. The ability to listen and delve deep into the context

You have a new client who wants to create a fashion-related website. You have seen many examples of such websites and have an idea of what it entails. Instead of just starting with that, listen to the client. Enquire about the reason for their creating a website, what pain points they are trying to solve, what customer experience are they looking to create, and so on. The more you see things from your client’s perspective, the more effective design you’ll come up with.

2. Make use of mind mapping

As a web designer, your mind is filled with ideas. To make sense of all those ideas and discover their interconnectivity, use mind mapping to give a structure to all unrelated ideas and use them for your next design project.

3. Never stop learning

The web design trends of today may not exist tomorrow. This calls for you to stay updated every single day with the best practices, the new design tools, and the upcoming trends. This way, you always have new ideas to incorporate into your projects instead of launching websites with the same old designs.

4. Take interest in fields apart from web designing

Having knowledge of different fields like architecture, fashion, engineering, ecommerce, helps you communicate and come up with better designs for your clients. A web designer has to work with illustrators, copywriters, and video makers. If you have knowledge in those areas, you would be able to better guide them regarding what exactly you need from them.

5. Follow famous design blogs

There are many design blogs and design newsletters that provide you with all the relevant updates and information related to the design world. Some of them also feature famous designers and their work to help you discover designers and learn from them. Not only that, you can also get inspired from such blogs and use that knowledge to better work on your upcoming design projects.

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