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What to Consider before Starting Saas Product Design?

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on December 22nd, 2021

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Software as a Service, popularly known as SaaS, is a public cloud service that lets you sell your products on a subscription basis. SaaS products work online and they ease your burden for managing them in-house.

As SaaS products have great churn rates and better retention, designers and developers across the globe have a liking for them. If are foraying into SaaS product design, then keep these factors in mind and you would be soon on your way to creating a successful SaaS product:

Find a Product-Market Fit

Before you start designing your dream SaaS product, research and analyse for your target audience. Understand their problems and see how you can solve their problems. If your SaaS product is able to troubleshoot the core issue at hand then it will be successful sooner or later, otherwise it will be doomed. Know that right in the planning stage by considering this study.

Focus on Marketing

Oftentimes, great SaaS products fall behind the good ones because they avoid marketing. While you are creating it, testing it, make sure to lay equal emphasis on its marketing plan. Create a long term plan for marketing of your SaaS by charting out strategy for SEO, social media, drip campaigns and even start working on creating a community early on.

Offer Customer Support

In today's day and age, bad customer support is considered to be suicidal for any SaaS product company which wishes to stay relevant. Never take your users for granted. Fix their bugs, offer streamlined updates to them without any delay. Talk to them to understand their issues related to your product and empathetically guide them to win their loyalty in the long term.

Provide Simple Pricing

Make your users' lives easy by giving them easy to understand and simple pricing plans. Study your competitors and strive to simplify their pricing shortcomings. Make considerations if your SaaS product is superior to them and then revise your pricing.

Enable Robust Operations

Ensure that your SaaS product is able to run on lower bandwidths. Many of your users could be operating on low speed Internet. Hence, make sure they can flawlessly use your product even with clunky speed.

Creating a brilliant SaaS product is not rocket science. Simply keep these considerations in mind and you would be sorted!

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