Things You Should Focus On During Product Launch Day

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on March 31st, 2021

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3, 2, 1 and ignition!


It feels so good today because after working for over 1.5 years consistently on ruttl, we have finally launched it officially! 🚀

Last couple weeks were intense, filled with massive testing cycles and feedback analysis. In spite that, today was filled with new lessons.

Even though the preparations were done correctly, we did have small hiccups but that's the beauty of entrepreneurship- expecting the most unexpected stuff!

To explain in short, here's how the day went by-

  1. Ensured quality control by testing everything before making the website live
  2. Post launch, our team promoted the news everywhere on social media like LinkedIn and Instagram. We did email marketing by send mailers to our parent company Brucira's clients and 2000+ ruttl waitlisted users.
  3. After promotions, we submitted the live website to multiple featuring sites like Landbook and Lapaninja, just waiting to hear back from them now.

We thought of sharing with you guys the 4 key takeaways that we got from today's experience-

1. Something might go wrong anyways so be cool!

The animation on pricing page started misbehaving post-launch but we found out that it was actually issue with responsiveness feature. We simply reuploaded a new animation later and fixed it.

2. Keep marketing materials ready before hand.

Keeping the social media captions ready 2 days before was extremely useful. We didn't have to run around, brainstorming ideas for the social media promotional content.

3. Test everywhere just to be safe.

Testing on multiple devices like Mac and Windows helped us to verify and ensure everything was in place. You don't need to own multiple devices. Just ask a friend that can help you :)

4. If you discover something, just remove it and fix later.

Post-launch we discovered a issue in testimonial section that was built only for testing stage. Luckily our team was agile enough and we quickly revamped the section.

Hope you find these points useful for your own product launch day!

That's it for today's knowledge box post everyone! Have a great day ahead!

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