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Say Bye To Creative Block With These Free Design Resources

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on December 8th, 2021

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As a designer, illustrator, we bet there's not a single project for which you didn't need some support of free design resources. In today's design-first age, it is impossible to not need more design assets like fonts, icons, illustrations and more. For all those amazing projects that will come your way this year, we have compiled a list of some of the best design resources.

These design resources will have your back, rest assured. Without much adieu, explore and bookmark them right away:


Keep a sizable collection of icons in your design armour, because you never know, right? Ionicons are open source and they even offer icons in SVG format for you to customize. So, for that next free icon search, you just need to head to Ionicons now!


Especially on those overworked days, finding just the right hue for your design projects seems like a challenge. Well, Huesnap completely snaps you out of that rut with their commendable range of palettes. Their colour picker and image upload features simplify your search all the more!


Pairing varied fonts will no longer feel like a pain to you. Simply use FontPair to find the right combinations of fonts you could use for your design projects. Once you have found the ideal pair, download and start using them whenever you need them!


Need to urgently design a mockup? Rely on Frrames. They have a wide collection of responsive mockups for Apple and Android devices as well. You can edit them in Figma, Sketch and other tools as well. Give them a try soon!


Give a quick and great fix to all your background requirements for your website, branding related work with Paaatterns. With an awe-inspiring collection of patterns, they are hands-down one of the best free design resources providers.

On that note, get set to break your creative rut with these free design resources, folks! Do share your favourite ones in the comments below.

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