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5 Interesting Cookie Consent Examples To Get Inspired From!

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on February 11th, 2022

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Cookies do not have that sweet a reputation when it comes to websites. Still, there's no way one must get rid off them. From enhancing the web experience till giving suggestions, cookies are needed to keep your business going.

There are two major types of cookies: first party and third party. First party cookies are made by the companies that run your website and the third party ones are used to retarget ads when you visit those websites.

What is cookie consent all about?

Cookie consent is basically the term used to take consent of users on a website to activate cookies. As per EU, under GDPR standards, websites need to collect data from users. They also need to explicit share that they are doing so with their visitors.

That's the reason why you would see the majority of the websites showing you a cookie consent form the minute you visit them. But, guess what? Most of these cookie consent forms are incredibly bad in terms of design and content. To let our creative juices flow, we picked up these 5 best cookie consent experiences, take a look:


Both in terms of copy and design, the cookie consent experience of Glossier stands out. It is also exquisitely designed to blend with the overall UI and feels less intrusive.

Cookie constent 1


Kinder's website has a dark mode on but their cookie consent experience is incredible. Designed in a crisp layout with a bright red colour, it is hard to miss and doesn't interrupt users at all!

Cookie constent 2


Simple to grasp and aesthetically placed, the cookie consent form of Revo is truly user-friendly. Next time you are designing a lifestyle or e-commerce website, you know where to get inspired from now, right?

cookie constent 3


Puma’s website has a floating banner that is all minimal and sleek. It will inspire you to take the simple approach while you are designing cookie consent experience for your next web project.

cookie constent 4


Last but not the least, world’s favourite search engine gets its cookie consent experience right as well! Designed with its brand guidelines, its cookie consent experience doesn’t look out of place and effortlessly guides users.

Loved all these cookie consent design ideas? After all, their designs are spot on! Get inspired by them and go ace your web project with their help.

cookie constent 5

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