Why Client Feedback Is Crucial For Web Designing?

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on July 20th, 2021

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Feedback is one of the key elements of great communication and collaboration. It matters all the more when you are dealing with crucial web designing projects. In today's day and age, web design of businesses is directly connected to sales. Hence, as a web design agency or a consultant, you need to keep communicating with your client to get their web design right.

You would know the fundamentals of web design. Yet, your clients are connected with their target customers, industry. They exactly know what they wish to evoke or sell through their website design. That's why you cannot ignore feedback. So, always walk extra miles and ask for it.

Whether you are planning to edit live website or designing one from scratch, client feedback cannot be missed. Oftentimes, there is a gap between the client's expectations and the deliverables. By seeking client feedback early on, you would meet their expectations and also create more seamless web designs by including their briefs.

Web designing as such is an extremely collaborative process. Many diverse teams like design, development, content, project management work for the same. If at any point, client feedback is missed, then it could result in delay. Moreover, client feedback is also necessary to timely streamline the web design. Imagine not keeping the client updated about the changes till the end of the project! Feels like a nightmare to include all the changes at the last minute, right?

Having realized it beforehand at Brucira, we designed Ruttl, our flagship website design feedback tool to simplify web designing projects right from the start. Ruttl has immensely helped us and our clients in meeting at a common junction unlike any other client feedback software. Apart from these small functional and productive wins, client's feedback also offers these benefits:

5 Key Benefits of Taking Client Feedback for Web Design

On one hand, client feedback makes the web designing process simpler and guided. At the same time, it also gives you better visibility, understanding of the deliverables. It also helps further in the following ways:

Creates New Design Ideas

You might have a different approach for a web project. You could design it for a certain demographic but the client wishes it to be for the exact opposite of it. If you do not take their feedback on time then you might just miss that perspective. At the end of the project, it could make you feel frustrated and sorry for disappointing your client. Would you want to miss seeing the bigger picture? So, client feedback is necessary!

Streamlines Project Experience

Businesses are beyond numbers, projections and revenues. It is always about humans, intuitive design, tech and interactions. Client feedback is the first step that you take towards that by communicating and collaborating. Your proactivity, insistence for timely feedback eases the stress for the web project - not only for your teams but also for the clients. Make projects a cakewalk for your clients and see them always coming back to you for more projects. All it takes is just client feedback!

Builds Long-Term Trust

You might have the best of the development, design and content teams working for a web design project. Your aesthetics, research could be exceptional. Yet, it might not win the client’s trust. Proactive communication, requesting timely feedback slowly forges trust with them. When you walk the talk of welcoming and including their insights for web design, they start valuing and trusting you.

Improves Your Reputation

Something as simple as asking your clients’ opinion early on can foster a good impression and make them feel happy. It goes without saying that one happy client can recommend you to nine others. Hence, always request your clients to leave feedback on website. Your company’s brand and turn around time of a web project - both will get a boost by something as simple as this.

Enhances Client Relationship

Maintaining a good rapport with your clients is not rocket science. Take our word. While a clunky client feedback tool might make you feel that at times but you can change that with Ruttl. Through Ruttl, your clients can directly mention their feedback on live website. This not only reduces turn around time, but also shows your clients that you are quick in terms of work. It all adds up and strengthens your relationship with them.

The best part about client feedback is also that it makes your day more structured and easy. You and your team would exactly know where the web design project is headed. In case there are any last minute changes or major overhauls, you could build upon client feedback and still deliver on time. Furthermore, you could easily sign up on Ruttl and include client feedback on live website as well!

Now that you know how important client feedback is for all your web designing projects and even otherwise, make sure to do the most with it. At times, harsh feedback might bog down your spirits but remember, critical feedback always pushes you to present your best work. Go back to your desk, talk with your clients, note down their feedback, line all of it up on Ruttl and create an epic web design for them then?

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