7 UI/UX Communities You Need To Join In 2021!

Published on March 17th, 2021

Siddhita Upare
Co-founder, ruttl

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Designing is a complex process that can get confusing along the way.

that way

We remember the time when we were doing focused interviews with designers while coming up with the idea of building ruttl. The most common feedback I usually got while talking to solo designers was -

"The journey gets too lonely with no one to support and eventually people lose interest while designing new projects."

We get it. We have been through the same journey once.

But looking back at the process, we realize how important communities played a huge role in our journey!

When you have people supporting you and your idea, things become whole lot easier. That's why we thought of sharing with you guys the most important communities that helped us in our journey of UI/UX designing! 🎨

  1. Dribbble (This one's a no-brainer 🧠)
  2. Behance (Obviously! 🤷‍)
  3. UX Mastery Community (A great source to find and learn new ideas)
  4. Designed dot org (A slack channel filled with designers)
  5. Designer Hangout (An invite-only community of 18,000 designers)
  6. Indie Hackers Design and UX Group (Congrats! You are right here!)
  7. The Interaction Design Foundation Community (It's paid but great!)

We hope that you guys find this list useful! If you haven't joined any community before, we would highly recommend you to do so as soon as possible!

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