Why Should Design Agencies Use A Website Feedback Tool?

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on May 19th, 2021

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We all know that website design is important. But how much? According to a study, 75% of consumers admitted that they make judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. For design agencies, what it means is that the website designs you create for your clients can either make it or break it for them.

A reason why you not only need to have developers and designers that can create top-notch experiences but also a feedback tool that can curtail your review time and help come up with a final design that can make your client go, “Wow!”

At this point, you may be wondering, “Why do we need a tool for website review? We have been doing this via email for years” Well, ruttl is here to explain exactly why.

Why is website review important?

While your developers and designers may coordinate with each other, there are bound to be some revisions at the final stage. It may be related to pixels or an animation issue or something else altogether. Maybe, your client may have agreed to some aspects of the design but when they actually see the final design, they aren’t so happy with it.

Website review is one way to make sure that your final design is not only satisfactory for your developers, designers, animators and others involved but also for your client as well.

How does a website feedback tool help design agencies?

Let’s move on to understand the various ways a website feedback tool can help your design agency.

1. Better communication

Many times, the designer says something and the developer understands something else and vice versa. This leads to confusion and multiple edits again and again. Not only does this mean a lot of back and forth communication but it severely impacts the website launch time too. With a website feedback tool, communication becomes easier as you can leave comments on live websites that specifically indicate what changes need to be made (bonus: no more misunderstandings)

2. Clarity on minute details

Designer: This animation should be shifted a little towards the right side.

Developer: Okay! (shifts it completely to the right side)

Designer: Oh Lord, not again.

If you have dealt with this time and again, welcome to the club. The thing about using the routine communication tools for your website review process is that you miss out on minute details like pixels, font sizes, alignment, etc. Instead, use a tool that helps you pay attention to these details that can literally change the design of your client’s website for the better.

3. Changes become easy

At the review stage, when developers and designers see their final work come to life, they may find many aspects that need some changes. A website feedback tool like ruttl makes this easier and efficient by saving every single iteration of the website. You can then easily compare the different changes you make throughout and easily move towards the original one if you feel that was the best. A tool with a brilliant memory, what else do you need?

4. Optimization across different views

With so many people using mobiles to access different websites these days, optimizing across different views becomes important. Instead of assuming the codes for different device sizes, Ruttl allows designers and developers to easily switch between desktop and mobile views with a single click and see how the website looks across all devices.

5. Live website edits

The designer doesn’t think the font spacing is right. So, he sends a screenshot to the developer about what kind of spacing he requires. The developer again sends the screenshot of how it will look on the website. To avoid this screenshot game for each and every edit, a website feedback tool allows you to make live website edits that helps the developers see what exact changes are to be made and implement them accordingly.

6. Say goodbye to long emails

An average office worker receives about 121 emails every day. Just to find one change requirement, a developer may need to search through hundreds of emails that have the same subject line. Even more frustrating, imagine finding a requirement from the client that has forgotten to take you in the loop. Tools like Ruttl help you avoid such situations and save so much of your time as well.

7. Reducing time taken to review

When you spend less time in resolving confusions, misunderstandings and communication gaps, your website review process automatically becomes efficient. With so many features that a website feedback tool allows you to have, your developers and designers will no longer want to run away from this review process.

So, what are you waiting for? With Ruttl, make website development and designing an exciting adventure for your design agency.

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