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The Most Requested Feature- CNAME Is Here!

Unlock the latest ruttl feature: CNAME customization! Elevate your branding by setting up your own domain. Follow simple steps to activate it.

Published on November 15th, 2021

Harsh Vijay
Co-founder, ruttl

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The most requested feature on ruttl is here - CNAME! 🤩 And we're all going happy-crazy like:

rachel and phoebe jumping

Here's how you can activate it on your account:

  • If you have the Team plan in your account, go to the Team section on the main dashboard.
  • Under the field of Custom domain, please enter your preferred domain.
  • Visit your domain registrar and create a CNAME DNS record pointing to This may take upto 15 minutes to be fully functional, depending on your TTL.
  • Once your CNAME is activated, visit your custom domain.

To watch this feature in action, checkout the youtube video below!

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