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Best Ways To Find Freelance Web Design Jobs Online In 2021

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on October 27th, 2021

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Starting out as a freelance web designer and acing the process is a dream of many! The reality is that your freelance web design business needs to be sustained with strategy and great leads that keep coming your way - that can be daunting at first.

Apart from making stunning websites, you also need to ensure that you have quality clients. Finding clients may feel like rocket science in the beginning but you can streamline it by planning. To help you find some of the best freelance web design jobs out there, here’s sharing our tried and tested tips:

Get Active on LinkedIn

Take our word on this, LinkedIn is an absolute gold mine of leads. You could regularly search for “freelance web designer” on the job search and opportunities would get visible on the spur. For inbound leads, you could also start creating your personal brand on LinkedIn by sharing your recent work, posts and resources with the community.

Sign Up with Solidgigs

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed while going through a lot of freelance opportunities at once? Rely on Solidgigs then! They send you a curated newsletter with some of the most relevant freelance gigs to you every week. You may sign up for their free trial and later decide to switch to their subscription if you like their leads!

Tap Into We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely provides you some great leads for web design and various other categories without the hassles of signing up with them! From full-time till contract WWR offers a range of opportunities that are simply unmissable for a freelance web designer.

Explore Working Not Working

Working Not Working (WNW) offers you a job as well as a portfolio platform. Clients like Google and Apple have been using WNW, so keep an eye out on this platform. WNW does not charge freelance designers, they do take certain commissions from the clients though! Make the most of their leads then?

Go Bullish on ZipRecruiter

Last but not least, ZipRecruiter is one of those platforms for freelance web designers that always delivers! You will literally find hundreds of web designing gigs here. It is free for job seekers, so you would not burn any cash on it and the best thing is that recruiters can reach out to you directly by sharing relevant links.

You can find some of the best freelance job sites here.

Building your freelance web design empire is not all cakewalk but neither is it as herculean as you end up thinking! Go all strategic and smart for finding freelance leads, deliver awesome work on time - you would soon be on your way to make big monies then!

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