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Get quicker approvals and launches with the help of visual feedback

Let your clients show you exactly what they want with precise feedback annotations and video comments

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Get precise feedback from clients

Be it animation alignment or font size, clients can suggest accurate values for all the iterations and make communication simpler. No more sending tens of screenshots to get a single point across.

Edit website content in real-time

Make seamless content changes on your website in real-time and save time on making and revising offline drafts.

ruttl feature to inspect CSS code

Inspect CSS easily

Edit on live websites in a click by viewing clean CSS. Check for accessibility issues, redlines, and other technical essentials without having to go through lengthy development cycles.

illustration of comments resolved after done

Invite your clients to leave comments

With a quick shareability link, allow clients to go through different versions of the website and leave their suggestions. No hassles of signing up and logging in!

illustration of video comments

Allow for video feedback

Give clients an option of giving detailed feedback by letting them record video feedback for any animation design or website development issue.

illustration of leaving comment on live website

Handle multiple projects easily

See all the changes happening in the Activities panel and never lose track of ongoing activities when you are working on multiple projects.

Faster approvals and client satisfaction

By better collaboration, visual feedback, tagging people in comments, you can be sure of getting faster approvals and launching client websites faster leading to increased customer satisfaction.


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